This site has project areas for stuff started by jcw @ JeeLabs

The JeeLabs discussion forum can be found here.

Latest projects

  • Development (2014-02-08 01:26)

    JeeLabs issue tracker

  • Wikit (2014-02-07 03:08)

    A wiki implementation based on Tcl and Metakit
    Source code: GitHub.

  • Vlerq (2014-02-07 03:08)

    Experiments with column-wise relational data, persistence, and scripting
    Source code: GitHub.

  • Tclkit (2014-02-07 03:08)

    Tclkit is a single file executable with a complete Tcl/Tk scripting runtime
    Source code: Tclkit.

  • Metakit (2014-02-07 03:08)

    Column-oriented embedded database library with a small footprint
    Source code: GitHub (ZIP).