The JeeLabs Shop went offline temporarily...

Added by martynj over 3 years ago

Due to end of year stocktaking and some re-configuration, the JeeLabs Shop will go off-line briefly, preparing for a restart for the New Year.
Orders in the system up until Sunday 29Dec will get packed and prepared for shipping as usual.

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RE: The JeeLabs Shop went offline temporarily... - Added by martynj about 3 years ago

The Shop is back online now. Same items, same prices.

We did take the opportunity to recognise formally that the order filling is done by Digital Smarties Ltd. in Cambridge, UK. This is to keep the tax man happy - the items in the Shop continue as complementary to the efforts of JCW at JeeLabs.

There are minor changes to documents/autogen emails. I think we fixed things correctly during the brief pause - comments on typo’s, broken links etc., welcome.

One not so good side-effect is that the Bank Transfer mechanism is disabled for a while - a consequence of the greed and inflexibility of UK-based Banks when handling Euro denominated transfers. Working on an alternative Bank to Bank mechanism - meanwhile the PayPal module is fully featured, accepting PayPal individual account or credit/debit card payments.