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ESP8266 (01-512k,) Arduino Uno (clone), Arduino IDE, Python 2.7.6 on Macbook pro running OSX 10.10.4 64-bit.


I'm using a motion sensor with the following setup:

Arduino Uno+motion sensor >>>sensor values>>>USB Serial>>>Laptop running Python code>>>Notification>>>WiFi>>>Web

The sensor generates a value. The value is displayed on the serial monitor. The python program is triggered into action by a specific value appearing on the serial monitor and the program sends an email notification.

I would like to replace that setup with the following:

Arduino Uno+motion sensor>>>sensor values>>>ESP8266 as transparent WiFi to Serial bridge>>>Laptop running Python code>>>Notification>>>WiFi>>>Web

Essentially, I want to get rid of the USB cable and use the ESP8266 as a transparent WiFi to Serial bridge. Of course, a battery would power the Arduino and ESP8266.

I read this post ... al-bridge/ and the Jeelabs/ ESP Link Readme. It seems that the ESP8266, once flashed with ESP Link, could replace a serial cable. But, can ESP Link replace the USB Serial in my current setup? If so, are there tutorials explaining how this can be done?

I did some further reading and researched the matter but so far I only found one use case similar to what I want to do. In the said use case, a virtual serial connection through WiFi was being executed via a server within the ESP8266. Unfortunately, there were no detailed explanations on how this was achieved and I don't think this would be suitable for my specific use.

Please let me know if you need further information or clarifications.

Thank you for reading!