Use of SD card

Added by Harry 6 months ago


Does somebody have experience with the use of SD cards on a Jeelab system? Please inform me on hardware used, software used, wiring , etc. If possible with sample code. I have to write one record of 40 bytes per hour, day after day. For selective reading I have to scan the whole file.

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RE: Use of SD card - Added by Rolf 6 months ago

Hi Harry,
All the Best for the New Year. - Why don't you use the flash memory included in Jeelink (vc3 or classic)? There are 2 MB available and with a data rate of 40 bytes per hour that should last for 6 years.
Jeelink is attached at the USB-Port of some server (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and can be read out via serial.
It could run stand alone as well, just attached via USB to a power supply and been read out at arbitrary intervals.