rFM12b + LCD on I2C

Added by exTL 7 days ago

I'm trying to run LCD with RFM12b on ARDUINO Uno. LCD is hooked via I2C. I'm using jeelib library due to rFM. I can't force the screen to work - it's empty.
LCD (20x4 by Winstar) works fine on 0#27 address. Am I'm missing some libraries or it simply will not happen ?


Ps. Sketch in attachment.

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RE: rFM12b + LCD on I2C - Added by Rolf 6 days ago

Not sure, but the LCD-library in JeeLib may be suitable only for the LCD-display sold at the JeeLabs shop:
You may be missing the library for your display and have to look at the provider how to program it.


RE: rFM12b + LCD on I2C - Added by exTL 5 days ago

Tkanks. I have the working library for my LCD and it works fine but it doesn't cooperate with jeelib as they both try to handle the screen. So I deleted it in my sketch.
Is there any library I could use only to serve rFM12 ? Or does it mean to modify jeelib to remove the LCD ?


RE: rFM12b + LCD on I2C - Added by Rolf 5 days ago


was 2 years ago or more, when I was working with the LCD-display (Jeelabs-shop version), so I am not sure if the software is still up to date. Then I included the LCD-library explicitely, after the JeeLib:

#include <JeeLib.h>
#include <PortsLCD.h>

I think you should omit the inclusion of PortsLCD.h and put your library instead.