Planning to make some changes to flib/ directory structure

Added by jcw 5 months ago

From a brief private chat, now that more people are starting to work with the Forth source files in embello:

I'm going to rearrange a few more files in the 1608-forth/ area - always.fs is just one of 2..3 variants really (serial console, usb console, and future rf-console), so it makes more sense to not place copies everywhere

same for board.fs, which is per-board, with F10x vs L052, LED and other on-board h/w, so it makes more sense to have one directory with everything board-related

then core.fs is the one you copy and adapt as needed in each project

always.fs is hard to replace, board.fs only needs reloading when std h/w drivers change, and core.fs can change without reservations

on top, you can then add anything you like, in flash, RAM, EEPROM, wherever - for flash, cornerstones might be useful, but it's optional

as an example: h/w SPI would be included in board.fs, since it depends on µC type, but an RF module would be included in core.fs

only major h/w drivers would be in board.fs, optional ones (i.e. 2nd usart) can be added to core.fs, since many apps won't ever need them

I also want to rename 1608-forth/cores/ to something else, it's confusing w.r.t. core.fs, to which is is not related at all

This means I'll do a sweep through the code and weblog in he next few days - but I think it's all starting to settle.