Resolving Windows driver issues talking to the BUB

Added by martynj 2 months ago

A recent problem with getting a PC to talk sensibly to a BUB II was resistant to resolution. With a jumper wire between TX & RX on the output side of the BUB, LED activity matched keystrokes input to a terminal emulator attached to the new COMXX port that showed up during enumeration, but nothing useful was echoed. This eliminated the common problem of mistakenly using a 'charger only' USB cable (not enough wires inside) and a lot on the BUB needs to be working for enumeration to succeed. So was this a faulty BUB assembly?

After some debugging (checking jumper settings for the PWR out and Logic Level etc), since the laptop in use was rather mature, it was worth confirming that an old driver version was not invoked in error.

Here is a précis of the steps (kindly provided by Remco K. ) to activate a current driver version:

  • Uninstall all versions of the FTDI driver under "Ports (COM & LPT)" (with the option checked 'Delete the driver for this device' enabled).
  • When complete, click "Scan for hardware changes" in the "Action" menu.
  • If the device re-appears again without having to install a new driver, repeat this step until it doesn't. Or until the 'Delete driver' check mark is not there.
  • Uninstall "USB Composite device" or "USB Serial Converter" under "USB Serial Bus-controllers", the same way as described above.
  • When ready, install a fresh copy of the FTDI driver from the FTDI site that matches the OS version by following the documentation provided there.
  • Reboot your system whether it asks you or not.

Fixed! (The exact details will vary of course with the Windows version involved.)