jnz wakeup! (on pinchange)

Added by linuxpeppe 4 months ago

i used succesfully sleep.fs to low power jnz at regular time slots.
Is there a way to wakeup jnz from sleeping on external pin change?
I find not easy attach interrupt stuff using forth.
I would try applications with Panasonic EKMB (WL) Series PIR Motion Sensor.

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RE: jnz wakeup! (on pinchange) - Added by jcw 4 months ago

There's no library code for generic support of external interrupts (EINTs) at the moment.
For now, you could wake up often (i.e. use stop100ms), and go back to sleep right after checking the PIR.

There's some sample code on GitHub which properly sets up a signle EINT.
I've been looking into this for another project, maybe I can generalise this a bit.

Update - there's a bit more extensive EXTI code here