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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Updated Category
541Tosqa developmentTaskNewWe're moving!2014-06-18 18:43Website
511Tosqa developmentTaskNewPublic( visibil)ity2014-06-10 00:18Website
509Tosqa developmentTaskNewmake db.put availablejcw2014-05-07 14:00Host (Go)
508Tosqa developmentTaskNewPut new nodes in databasejcw2014-05-07 13:58Host (Go)
489Tosqa developmentTaskNewLogodavid2014-04-08 19:51Website
481Tosqa developmentTaskResolvedTosqa VCXL notes 2014-03-26jcw2014-03-30 21:17Discussion
479Tosqa developmentTaskIn ProgressTosqa host progressjcw2014-03-27 10:59Host (Go)
478Tosqa developmentTaskIn ProgressCAN bus on BBB progressjcw2014-03-27 10:47CAN bus
403Tosqa developmentTaskNewPower distribution in Tosqa2014-05-19 13:10SSB h/w
385Tosqa developmentTaskNewdatabase values2013-11-13 22:55UI & UX
376Tosqa developmentTaskNewCAN bus not supported by BBB?2014-02-12 16:06CAN bus
375Tosqa developmentTaskNewTosqaSushi 2013-10-152013-10-15 22:42Discussion
349Fablab NB + JLTaskNewRostock-based delta 3D-printer2013-05-28 22:46Plans
348Fablab NB + JLTaskNewFix & tweak the Makerbot Cupcake2013-05-26 12:10CNC - mechanical
186Tosqa developmentTaskNewStellaris Launchpad2014-05-19 13:59Embed h/w
183Tosqa developmentTaskNewBus and connector choices2012-11-15 12:07CAN bus
160Fablab NB + JLTaskNewHexagon bed doesn't fit and is warpeddavid2012-10-12 07:54Laser - mechanical
153Tosqa developmentTaskNewSetting up KiCAD2012-11-15 11:38Toolchain
146Tosqa developmentTaskNeed FeedbackSpecs for the ToscaPIF-1 board (TPIF1)mux2013-05-26 20:23TPIF h/w
143Tosqa developmentTaskNeed FeedbackSpecs for the single stepper board (SSB)mux2014-04-08 21:32SSB h/w
142Tosqa developmentTaskNewDescribe use cases2012-11-15 11:44UI & UX
141Tosqa developmentTaskIn ProgressBuild a glossary of terms2012-11-15 11:36Discussion
139Tosqa developmentTaskNewTosca repository on GitHubdavid2015-01-09 10:31Source code
138Tosqa developmentTaskNewCross build complexity2012-11-15 11:42Toolchain
136Tosqa developmentTaskNewSoftware on the Linux side2012-11-15 11:41Messaging
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