Main hardware projects

The JeeNode is a module with an on-board ATmega328 MPU and an RFM12B wireless transceiver for the 433/868/915 MHz ISP frequency bands. It’s compatible with the Arduino IDE.

The JeeNode USB adds an on-board USB interface and LiPo charger and uses SMT parts.

The JeeLink is a USB stick which can be used as wireless node. It has no connectors, but includes 4 Mbit of flash memory.

The Jee Plug is a tiny prototype board to connect sensors, lights, chips, whatever. “Plugs” also refers to a range of little boards which can be easily mixed, matched, and re-used.

*[ISP programmer]( - uses a JeeNode to upload code and set the fuses of another ATmega or ATtiny chip via In-System Programming. Based on the Flash_Board with on-board EEPROM memory. See also this summary of ISP options, which lists several other re-flash alternatives.
**Reflow controller* reflow soldering with thermocouple, FS20 power switch, grill, and JeeNode.

Ether Card - this is a simple Ethernet card for use with a Carrier_Board, or an Arduino, RBBB, etc.

The LED strip controller* uses a JeeNode plus MOSFETs to control common 12V LED strips.
**Graphics Board
~~ a 128x64 LCD with a JeeNode, JeeNode USB, or SMD Kit on its back, and room for two plugs.
h2. Secondary hardware projects
*[JeeHub]( - an older project which uses a JeeNode, but specialized as gateway for collecting data from other JeeNodes and connecting to a computer.

A *[CNC]( router and 3-D printer are being built at the JeeLabs, to learn about CNC and to try out some fun ideas with stencils, PCBs, enclosures, front-panels, etc.
*[MuxShield]( - a shield for the Arduino which turns it into a 5-line serial multiplexer. Will re-flash up to 5 attached FTDI-connected boards, such as JeeNodes, RBBBs, etc.

Software projects

Ports - source:Ports.h - supports simple I/O on the four “ports” of a JeeNode (though it’s not JeeNode-specific). It includes drives for many of the plugs, and numerous example sketches.

RF12 - source:RF12.h - interrupt-based driver for RFM12 & RFM12B modules by HopeRF, connected via SPI.

*[JeeMon]( - a switchboard-type networked application for physical computing devices. Lets you collect, store, process, and visualize incoming data from attached devices, as well control them.
h2. Miscellaneous projects
**Easy Electrons* - a series of posts which covers various aspects of electronics from the viewpoint of a technology enthusiast with a non-electronics background.

Projects On Foam - a low-cost/low-tech approach to setting up projects with JeeNodes and JeePlugs, to easily try out things and then reuse everything in other projects again.

*[Low Power]( - this is a frequently recurring topic on the weblog. Posts related to reducing the power consumption for battery-operated use have been tagged for easy reference.
*[Sensors]( - this links to all the weblog posts about this topic.

*[JeeBot]( - a low-priority / fun project to create a battery-powered robot vehicle controlled by a JeeNode. The TwitLEDs robot was a more recent spin-off of this.
**Workshops* - a list of workshops in which JeeLabs has participated in some way or other.

Personal musings

A 5-part series about Open Source Hardware (and software) - I like to think that it adds something new to an overstretched topic.

A 2-part hand-waving attempt to elaborate on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

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