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17:44 JeeLabs Café General: RE: Simple use of ESP 8266
Is perhaps useful?


22:22 JeeLabs Café News: RE: Upcoming site change
Cool. This is a bit of a tangent, but the biggest issue I have with the JeeLabs sites is that they’re disconnected. I...
09:40 JeeLabs Café Weblog: Making a Black Magic Probe
Can one of these ST-Link V2 dongles like you have in one of the photos also be turned into a BMP?


18:44 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: Bandwagons and islands
\> I’ve been interested in the ESP for some time, as you know - but I don’t see it as a replacement.
I didn’t mean t...


07:31 JeeLabs Café Weblog: Bandwagons and islands
The Arduino folks are finally coming around to truly supporting command line compilation (outside of the excellent 3r...


07:15 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: Analog on the cheap: Measuring voltage without ADC
indeed! Would have loved a follow-up with some performance & timing measurements :-)


04:12 JeeLabs Café General: RE: No connection between two RFM12B
~~The use of 10K pull-down resistors seems pretty strange to me. Should be pull-ups, no?~~
Scratch that, hadn’t reali...


17:53 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: Meet Raspie and Quadie
Do you guys run the odroid on a micro-sd card or do you buy the emmc module? The latter almost doubles the cost of th...


20:57 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: Weblog comments welcome! - how to post
Quick note that your latest post (LPC810 meets RFM69, part 2) doesn’t have the forum link at the end
20:01 JeeLabs Café Weblog: Why NXP LPCs?
Could you say a few words about why you are focusing on NXP LPC processor series? I don’t see another 8-pin DIP packa...

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