08:27 JeeLabs Café Weblog: "Editor wars" - my personal contribution
Long time ago, mainframe computers were still dominating, I heard a lecture of a computer center boss, claiming to un...


20:07 JeeLabs Café General: Reliablilty of flash storage
Inspirated by the newest blog, "SD-cards ...", I would like to ask and share experience about the reliability of such...


18:35 JeeLabs Café Support: i2c with forth on the blue pill?
Just tried i2c on the blue pill. i2c-init gives a proper "ok."-prompt, but "i2c." shows a lot of adresses of devices...


07:25 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: "A board made for tinkering"
1)2)3)- Yes! Was just a joke. But there may be a serious background as well, perhaps because of a difference in cultu...


15:50 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Forth on STM32F1
Thanks a lot!
15:27 JeeLabs Café Support: Forth on STM32F1
On the "blue pill" with Mecrisp, trying to load "!s io.fs" produced the error message "h.4 note found". OK that could...


15:54 JeeLabs Café Weblog: "A board made for tinkering"
Thanks for the graphic, everything's clear on a glance. Finally I looked up in the dictionary what this means, "tinke...


11:32 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Resolved: JNZ, Forth and temperature sensor tmp102
Yes, it's working. Thank you!
08:24 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Resolved: JNZ, Forth and temperature sensor tmp102
There was still a bug in tmp102.fs (calculation negative temperature values). The new version I put on the original p...
08:09 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: FORTH, unbearable, impossible? - a remark
Finally I did what I was threatening above, writing not another Forth-introduction, no need for that, but some

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