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07:54 Fablab NB + JL Task #160 (Closed): Hexagon bed doesn't fit and is warped
The hexagon bed in the laser fits in the laser very badly. It has a few millimetres of spacing on every side. Also, i...


09:14 Fablab NB + JL Task #3: Optimal settings EMC2
The settings have been added to the "Fireball V90 Wiki page":


16:41 Fablab NB + JL Task #53 (Closed): Scaling factors
I’ve created a simple file to test the scaling of the x and y axes. It prints out a ruler starting at 10,10. It shows...
15:14 Fablab NB + JL Task #44: Squaring the mill
I've done another 'upgrade': two angled pieces of aluminium to brace the x axis:


14:50 Fablab NB + JL Task #44: Squaring the mill
I've made a second aluminium plate and tightened the nuts and bolts. The gantry now 'nods' a bit less. I'll try to mi...
14:46 Fablab NB + JL Task #35 (Resolved): Flattening the spoil board
Made a tiny Lua script that spits out surfacing G-code....
13:59 Fablab NB + JL Task #8 (Closed): Mounting and connecting limit switches
13:37 Fablab NB + JL Task #46 (Closed): Y axis in reverse and Z axis doesn't respond at all
The new opto-isolator has been installed and the end stops work again. Still some stuff to reconfigure, but that's ou...


13:38 Fablab NB + JL Task #3: Optimal settings EMC2
I've tuned down the acceleration *a lot*. I'm not very happy with the stability of the gantry. To reduce chatter to i...
13:31 Fablab NB + JL Task #48: finding CAM software
Yes, it's a protective measure against piracy. I've contacted the seller/programmer directly (he's Dutch) and he told...

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