8 Reasons Why Employers Drug Test Their Employees

8 Reasons Why Employers Drug Test Their Employees

Many employers drug test their employees, but why? While some may see this practice as an invasion of privacy, there are actually many good reasons why employers require drug testing. Here are 8 of the most compelling reasons.

1. To Comply with the Law

In many cases, employers are legally required to drug test their employees. For example, if your company receives government funding or operates in a regulated industry, you may be required to drug test your employees.

2. To Create a Safe Workplace

Employees who use drugs are more likely to be involved in workplace accidents. Drug testing helps employers create a safe workplace by identifying employees who may be at risk of injuring themselves or others.

3. To Improve Productivity

Drug users are often less productive than their non-using counterparts. By testing for drugs, employers can ensure that their employees are able to work at peak levels of efficiency.

4. To Prevent Theft and Loss

Drug users are more likely to engage in criminal activity like theft and vandalism. Drug testing can help prevent these types of losses by deterring employees from using drugs in the first place.

5. To Save on Health Insurance Costs

Employees who use drugs tend to have higher health insurance costs than those who don’t. By drug testing and weeding out users, employers can save money on their health insurance premiums.

6. To Attract Quality Applicants

Applicants who know that their potential employer drug tests are more likely to be deterred from applying if they use drugs.

7. To Reduce Turnover

Employees who use drugs are more likely to quit or be fired than those who don’t use drugs. Drug testing can help reduce turnover by ensuring that only employees who are committed to sobriety remain employed.

8. To Avoid Liability

If an employee uses drugs and is then involved in an accident or incident at work, the employer may be held liable for the damages caused by the employee’s actions. Drug testing helps employers avoid potential liability by ensuring that their employees are not under the influence of drugs while on the job.


As you can see, there are many good reasons why employers require drug testing. While some employees may see it as an invasion of privacy, drug testing is actually a smart business practice that can save companies money and help create a safer, more productive workplace.

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