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From 2014-11-02 to 2014-12-01


02:31 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: JeePuzzle #2
Program a pin to be input with a pullup resistor, and set it up for interrupt on falling edge. Now when you touch tha...


23:25 JeeLabs Café Weblog: Getting (Re)Started
Nice restart with the LPC810. It looks like a worthy replacement for little 8 bit processors like the AtTiny or those...


04:14 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: JeePuzzle #1
Because you then exit from main (despite lacking a return instruction, so the actual value will be whatever is in a r...


06:44 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: FDTI Mod For LPC8xx upload.
Actually, there may be a small problem, if you remove the series capacitor on DTR, when you open the port with a term...
01:42 JeeLabs Café Weblog: FDTI Mod For LPC8xx upload.
Good to see you back in business. Nice work on modding the FDTI board so that it can put an ARM processor into runnin...

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