Server restored

Added by jcw about 5 years ago

Apologies for a major website glitch on this site, causing it to be offline for a few hours.
I had to install a small but fairly important update to OS 10.9.2 - with Mr. Murphy not very far away.
So then it turns out that I had messed up the Docker setup running Redmine for …
The problem - of course - only showed up many many days later, on reboot - whoops!

It looks like a few hours of operation have been lost, since I had to revert to the last backup :(

Anyway, all systems are “go” again now. Note to self: server updates suck.

PS. With a big thank you to TurnKeyLinux’s backup system for saving my day again

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RE: Server restored - Added by jcw about 5 years ago

Spoke too soon. My quick fix was to re-launch the VM as an EC2 “micro” instance on Amazon (Ireland).
Sure enough it all worked, but that server setup was probably not beefy enough for Redmine.
I’ve now re-installed Redmine on a fresh VM on the Mac Mini at JeeLabs.
Sort of back like it was before my experiment with Docker… simply its own VM.

This should bring it all back on track - but I’ll wait before declaring victory again…

Blech. All those VM migrations back and forth, they give me “migration migraine” ;)

-jcw, crossing fingers and standing by…