LPC810 Switch Matrix pin assignments

Added by doewie about 4 years ago

Just to save newbies like me some time:

I have the listen code working but it took me a while to understand the correct pin assignments, until i found out that in the switch matrix every pin is identified in a package-independent way by
its GPIO port pin number and not by the package pin.
Hence, f.i. pin 04 set in the matrix actually is GPIO4, which is fysical pin 2 on the 810-package…..

Maybe it would be clearer to refer to GPIO port numbers in de code remarks?

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RE: LPC810 Switch Matrix pin assignments - Added by jcw about 4 years ago

Indeed, it can be very confusing. I’ve updated the listen comments with codes “0p8” etc (meaning: PIO0_0, pin 8 on the LPC810).
It’ll be hard to find a concise notation which avoids all confusion, since it does indeed depend on the package/LPC8xx model.