FTDI over WiFi: esp-bridge

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Great article, thanks @tve.

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Dear Thorsten,

in your thorough and very informative article you wrote, that a few improvements to the PCB you designed are already planned.

Is there a chance to get information about what you plan to change (apart from the already mentioned removal of unnecessary pull-up resistors) and if/when a new version of the PCB will be ready? And where the hell are you getting it from ;) I searched the digitalsmarties site high and low and also github for some KiCAD/Eagle files but couldn’t find any. But on the gitter I saw that a few people are already tinkering with it… And that there are two versions for the jeenode classics and the LPC ARMs…
Can you provide some hints for these questions
today my ESP8266 modules arrived finally from China and I have two weeks holiday coming up…

All the best,