Mecrisp on other platforms

Added by lmamakos about 4 years ago

I've been exploring Mecrisp Forth, and the more I dig into its implementation, the more impressed I am. There really is some quite clever things going on in there!

I think that Forth is a language where you actually have to embrace the implementation behavior (even if it is abstracted to some extent), and once you are past the deliberate lack hiding the details, much of the power really emerges. It is both quite simple, but exposes powerful constructs for you to use and abuse!

Recently, I've been reading about JONESFORTH, and its port to the ARM CPU architecture. It's no so much directed to the embedded application that Mecrisp Forth is. However, in the git repository you should read along the assembly code implementation of the i386 architecture at . It is lovingly commented and presented so that you understand how a Forth implementation can really work. I found it rather interesting reading. The style sort of reminded me of Knuth's "Literate Programming", though it's not quite as structured. Still, you can start reading at the top of the file, get introduced to the NEXT primitive inside Forth, and then off you go on a wonderful ride!