"I never had an Intel 8080"

Added by jeroenb almost 4 years ago

Still have the book "microcomputers from A.J.Dirksen" second edition april 1979
All about programming 8080 processors, (2.048 Mhz) with the NEC Training Kit TK080.
500 bytes of memory upgradable to 1k-byte.

regards Jeroenb

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RE: "I never had an Intel 8080" - Added by tankslappa almost 4 years ago

I'm tempted to blow the dust off my copy of Rodnay Zaks' Programming the 6502...

But then again, I still have two 6502 based machines in the house (so not much use for an FPGA), which will probably still work (as long as I test the PSU's first, and replace all those very old capacitors) before everything explodes!

(Slightly worried about the Commodore PET, it's got a very scary linear PSU... At least the BBC Micro got a switch mode).