folie2 and Windows...

Added by doewie over 2 years ago

I'm still struggling with Folie2 on W10. I have a very basic setup (USB -> USB FTDI -> HyTiny) which works great with Folie1.
But with Folie2 the communication is unstable and sending a file is very slow as only 1 line per exactly 1000 ms ( measured with Salae Logic Analyzer) is handled.

Just wondering if there is some experience (good or bad) out there with Folie2 on Windows.

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RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by jcw over 2 years ago

I'm sorry to hear that Folie v2 is working so badly under Windows.

There is some trickery in Folie v2 which might be causing this, but I have no experience with Win10 and unfortunately very limited ways to figure this out. It's good to know that v1 is doing better, but there really are quite a number of differences - hard to explain what's going on. Well, for me anyway.

Would it be an option to set up a Linux box, i.e. RasPi, Odroid, CHIP, or similar?
They can be configured to run ser2net, which Folie can then drive over a net socket.
I'll be happy to dive in deeper and document that in a future weblog post.

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by doewie over 2 years ago

Yes, I think I will setup a RasPi, shouldn't be too complicated.

Another workaround for Windows is to use a simple ESP-01 breakout-board with the ESP-Link firmware installed and configured as a simple bridge. For me line-handling then is very fast but there are still some instabilities in the communication.

Regarding Windows, it should be a great pity if Windows users are excluded. On the other hand, I'm afraid i'm the only Windows user in this Mac/Linux community. Somehow I have made a wrong decision decades ago.

I will be travelling coming days but will dive deeper into this next week. Will keep you posted.

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by JohnO over 2 years ago

I will admit to being a Windows user for many many years, I am comfortable with Win7 and have a couple of Win10 devices, a stick and a tablet.

Although I have owned Macbooks for a few years too I only made the jump to make Macbook Pro my day to day laptop a few months ago. I now admit to many wasted years in the Windows world. While expensive the engineering behind the Mac product appears to be done right and in real depth. It takes a week or two to get into the Mac groove but the trackpad is so intuitive and streets ahead of any Windows hardware I have ever used. Using an Apple trackpad on a Windows machine really does strike home how primitive the internals of Windows are in this area particularly.

I think that using RasPi compliments whichever laptop you device choose to use.

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by JohnO over 2 years ago

If you don't currently own RasPi you might consider Odroid instead.

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by doewie over 2 years ago

@JohnO. Yes, maybe I should consider to switch to Mac at the end of my own life-cycle. Anyway, I have some RasPi's lying around and meanwhile enough (Linux)-experience too setup a ser2net.

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by doewie over 2 years ago

Meanwhile I have a setup on a Linux box (RasPi), running Folie2 with a Blue Pill/SerPlus flashing a Jeenode Zero and can confirm it works great!! So it's a good workaround for Windows users.

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by SevenW about 2 years ago

Meanwhile the root cause of slow communication is solved. jcw will update the folie binary in github soon.

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by scjames about 2 years ago

I've just been using the latest release of folie (V2.10) on windows 7 and it is all working great until I run a defined word at which point the usb communication drops out. I then have to exit the command window, disconnect/reconnect usb cable and start again. Sending files and interacting with mecrisp works fine.
It seems to only be a problem with windows as I don't see the same issue under linux.
Running a word as simple as

: toggle-led begin led iox! 250 ms key? until ;

will cause it to drop out.
Anyone else experienced the same thing?

Great work with all of this btw. I'm loving the added functionality in folie V.2

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by jcw about 2 years ago

Yes, there are still several odd behaviours on Windows and Linux.
I tend to miss such issues because I use MacOS, where things appear to be working fine.

It would help if you could submit an new issue on GitHub, because I still don't have enough information to understand what's going on. So at this point, the only way forward is to document more cases and collect more info ...

RE: folie2 and Windows... - Added by jcw about 2 years ago

FWIW, I've set up an alternative "mini-folie" which completely reworks the way Folie interacts with Mecrisp.
See issue 46 on GitHub, at - would appreciate help to try and improve things.