A few design changes in rev4

Added by mvdswaluw about 3 years ago


why the RFM96CW? If you would use the RFM96HCW, there would be an option to swap it for the RFM95. This would open possibilities for people who would want to go the LORA-way.

Nice to see the Ufl-connector.


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Reverse current from coin battery into OUT of LDO - Added by michalm about 3 years ago

How do you deal with current from coin battery to resistor divider inside LDO ?


RE: A few design changes in rev4 - Added by jcw about 3 years ago

That's yet to be defined... options I can think of: live with the extra drain (a few µA, last time I checked), include a solder jumper on the final PCB, or remove the LDO. I'm waiting for rev4 boards to try things out and evaluate it.

As for why the RFM69CW: I am keeping all options open. The RFM69CW is a really nice low-power solution and I don't think it rules out more variations further down the line. You have to start somewhere, and the RFM69 is already very widely used.