"A board made for tinkering"

Added by Rolf about 2 years ago

Thanks for the graphic, everything's clear on a glance. Finally I looked up in the dictionary what this means, "tinkering", in german, my native language: "Basteln". No! That's exactly what I tried to avoid all the time, sitting in a dark corner doing something useless. Guys, this board is for development, software and hardware, for electronic engineering!

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RE: "A board made for tinkering" - Added by jcw about 2 years ago

Why a dark corner or useless? IMO, tinkering is also about:

1) sitting in a comfy chair behind a screen (for the software guy), or ...
2) sitting at a bench full of geek stuff (for the hardware guy), and ...
3) solving all sorts of crazy puzzles and having lots of fun :)

RE: "A board made for tinkering" - Added by Rolf about 2 years ago

1)2)3)- Yes! Was just a joke. But there may be a serious background as well, perhaps because of a difference in culture between Germany and countries like Netherlands, France ..., the word "Basteln" has a slightly negative touch. But that's psychology not computer science. "Solving the puzzles" thats it.

Some month ago I was asking about "the future of jeenode" and now appreciate Jeenode Zero, it is an excellent answer. And just the beginning, I guess.