The limits of Mac and Mouse

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Very interesting post, definitely resonates with me. I moved to a terminal/tmux/vim setup for another reason, I needed to be able to access a nice and powerful build machine remotely do to any serious work. The only thing I missed in that setup was Ozone as a debugger, gdb -tui works but is not as nice.

I'm still using a terminal/tmux/vim setup on my personal 2010 era MacBook Pro, but unfortunately at work, I'm nowadays in flickering and sluggish Eclipse-land on Windows 10. Your point about the sensory feedback loop when working with the mouse is spot on, all this right clicking seems very slot. The only positive part is autocompletion, I never got around to set that up properly in vim.

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RE: The limits of Mac and Mouse - Added by jcw almost 2 years ago

(for reference: link to weblog article)

Ah yes, remote access is another area where keyboard-only seems to have a speed advantage vs. VNC, remote desktop, etc.

I really don't understand why anyone would want to use the mouse for intense non-graphical computer work. Everything requires aiming, which involves the hand/arm, the brain, and eye tracking of the cursor. Popups are an excellent example: if your aim is 10 pixels off in any part of the sequence, you're hosed.

Autocompletion is hard, I guess, considering that for IntelliJ-like capabilities the IDE needs to grasp the semantics of the entire codebase. But I did find some interesting tips recently - check this video, starting at 6 minutes in.