"Editor wars" - my personal contribution

Added by Rolf almost 2 years ago

Long time ago, mainframe computers were still dominating, I heard a lecture of a computer center boss, claiming to unify the control commands of text editors. As we know that never happened.

But I found a very useful editor for my Commodore 64, called "edit". And I took the contrary path, porting it to every machine I was working on, Atari, PC, workstations, ..., now Linux. The editor is very intuitive to use, full screen, all what you have to know: for further help press F8, and all commands are explained on one small 80x24 screen. Durings the years I extended it, its even familiar with unicode now. But still very small, the binary on an Intel-PC with Linux 44 kB.

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RE: "Editor wars" - my personal contribution - Added by jcw almost 2 years ago

(for reference: link to weblog article)

Haha - I don't doubt that it works quite well for you, but you may be missing out on many time-saving features of the more elaborate editors. For a Linux-centric solution, you could check out the minimal vi in BusyBox - maybe it has already been ported? A benefit of such an approach is that the habits you develop (muscle memory!) with this mini-editor will carry over to its larger and much more feature-full companion. Note also that some "vi" equivalent often comes pre-installed.

Update: runs inside the browser, even!