unattended USB mecrisp

Added by scjames over 1 year ago

I've been trying to use jcw's unattended trick with a USB enabled mecrisp on an olimexino stm32 board and have managed to modify things such that it works mostly. My plan has been to have the Olimexino board inside an enclosure with a USB cable permanently connected to a panel mounted USB socked so that I can interrupt the turnkey application without having to remove the enclosure cover. However, having the USB cable connected to the microcontroller seems to be enough to mess with the weak pullups and interrupts the application even when not connected to a laptop USB port. Without the cable connected the program starts up as intended.
So, my question is has anybody else used this technique successfully or do I need to take another approach? What is the usual way to interrupt a turnkey Forth application?


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RE: unattended USB mecrisp - Added by scjames over 1 year ago

Ok - this seems to work. Just have to press enter within 2 seconds after power-up.

: interrupted
20 0 do key? if quit then 100 ms loop ;

: init init interrupted main ;