TFoC - Roll your own cpu

Added by monsonite over 1 year ago

Hi jcw & all,

Recently I discovered the guys over on the forum. They are a spin-off or sideshoot of and doing interesting things with FPGAs, retro computers and homebrew cpu tinkering.

Back in April, a challenge was set to create a cpu in a CPLD or FPGA in just 66 lines of Verilog code. This is the amount of code that will fit onto a single page of fan-fold printer paper - and so the One Page Computing challenge was born.

Throughout this summer we have seen no fewer than 7 OPC designs - the latest OPC 7 is a 32-bit cpu in either a Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA or a Lattice ICE40.

There is an assembler for the latest iteration, BCPL, Plasma and a C compiler under development. If you are interested in minimal computing - may I suggest you take a look - search for "OPC"