Winding down, switching gears

Added by Dillon1337 about 2 years ago

jcw, I'd like to thank you for all of the posts over the years. I found your blog in college and made sure I read every post. I've bought and used a JeeNode in a home monitoring project. I've learned a ton from your posts and I'll miss them, but I understand walking away. I have a blog myself and lately have been more interested in making vs sharing, but I've found Twitter useful as a replacement for sharing tidbits of info on projects and receiving feedback from others with the same passions. I'd hope you would consider sharing your progress there. There's no pressure to make full, detailed posts like a blog and tweets are mostly short-lived. I've definitely only had a positive experience there.

I'll see you around

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RE: Winding down, switching gears - Added by Rolf about 2 years ago

From me as well: Many, many thanks, Jean-Claude, for all the valuable information, I could benefit from the Weblog!

I understand you quite well, sometimes one has to change direction for further develloping. I wish you all the best!

Perhaps the reduce of new information will be a chance for stabilizing and documenting what is already there. It will be valuable further on.

RE: Winding down, switching gears - Added by vanesp about 2 years ago

I used to look forward to visiting your blog daily... looking forward to seeing what you had found out about now. When you reduced the frequency that became a weekly visit, and when you went on holiday, I had withdrawal symptoms. I have a stack of Jeenodes, which I also used to monitor my house. It got me back into electronics after years of software only.

Your thinkings and musings about the ideal architecture led me to think about that too. The way you went with Forth to be able to manage the configuration control of devices by allowing them to be programmed over the network was interesting... but I had departed from Forth over 30 years ago and wasn't going to revive those particular braincells.

When I moved I did buy a "proper" domotics system for my new house but had learned through Jeelabs what to look for... and what not. So I now have a flexible architecture, with well documented additions via MQTT and UDP for my own devices, all through a single, simple programmable interface. And a system that can be maintained by a third party installer if I get run over by a bus -- rather a requirement from my wife, but one you'l recognise, I'm sure.

Anyway my withdrawal symptoms will now have to go cold turkey into shutdown mode. I'll miss you and your log. Hey, if you ever reconsider, do send a mailshot to all of us to see if we're still awake.

Good luck, and thanks for all the fish...


RE: Winding down, switching gears - Added by JohnO about 2 years ago

I echo all the sentiments above. You have done so much that it has actually changed my life. Many thanks jcw

RE: Winding down, switching gears - Added by gyrolen about 2 years ago

I had you pinned as a permanent favourite on top left hand corner of Chrome, and have checked it everyday for years.
You have a way with words and could explain the most technical matters in a precise understandable way, your technical knowledge is superb and you kept me up to date with the latest happenings.
A very rare gift, I will miss it.
Thank you, enjoy your future.

RE: Winding down, switching gears - Added by jcw about 2 years ago

Hiya - would you believe it: hadn't seen this thread, because emails notifications had stopped working...

What can I say. The JeeLabs weblog has always been oodles of fun to make, I can assure you.
It still is, because it now stands on its own. And the urge to write still exists. Odd but true.
But now I can say that it was also "right" for me to call an end to the blogging-cycle.

Thanks for all the kind words. I wanted to share my child-like passion for computing and electronics, I discovered a wonderful way to make it happen, and over the years many people have clearly appreciated it. That has made this whole journey more than worthwhile, and I'm proud and grateful to have "been there and done that".

Take care. May the web bring out the best in everyone. We live in amazing times.


RE: Winding down, switching gears - Added by dzach about 2 years ago

Hey jcw!
Some of us have been followers of your journey since the days of equi4 and tcl. What an amazing time to live, indeed.
Thank you so much for everything!


RE: Winding down, switching gears - Added by tarjeik about 2 years ago

Thanks for all your insights over the years!

Any chance you'll take time to issue a final update of the The Jee Book? :)

RE: Winding down, switching gears - Added by jcw about 2 years ago

Ouch - yes, I know, that's been lingering for a long time. And it has become a painful TODO...
By now, a "final update" would probably fill well over a thousand pages more.
And even a page-by-page dump is a lot of work, getting all the images in, fixing URLs, etc.
I'm not sure I'll find the energy and patience to go back and organise / redact everything.

And lastly, I have to admit that I personally don't find the final result that attractive and practical after all.
In hindsight, a good set of categories & tags with a static website + search would have been a better approach, IMO.

(even the website isn't really as convenient as I had hoped - I'm still looking for better ways to permanently present such info)