JeeStalled, in second gear... need a boost

Added by fire5ign about 6 years ago

I’ve been exploring JeeNodes on and off for the past month or so. I’m running a test setup, with a node i1 as a JeeLink (running the RFM12demo sketch) and nodes i2 and i3 sending room light levels using the LDR_test sketch. I can monitor these two nodes on OS X Terminal using screen, but seems like there’s a missing link that will get this whole show on the road: what I’m looking for is a way to move the data that the JeeLink collects to a web server like Pachube/Cosm or Housemon. I have a Cosm feed ( that I’ve been using for the past couple of years, so I’m comfortable with that. I’ve also experimented with Housemon/RPi using the excellent DIJN tutorials, but at the moment it seems to me that it’s just a proof of concept and I can’t quite grasp the next steps that will get me to my goal of graphed historical data.

Jean-Claude: you’ve been fantastic at documenting your work. Thanks very much for sharing it. But there’s so much information here that it’s difficult to find the information I need right now. I’m an artist, not a programmer, but I have some experience with PHP and smatterings of familiarity with Python and Javascript.

Sorry for the vague request; I guess I’m looking for an example of an entire system, from JeeNode to web server, that I can look at “cookbook-mode”, and then apply it in my situation. Do you know of any JeeNode users who have posted their experiences and code for this kind of system?

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RE: JeeStalled, in second gear... need a boost - Added by martynj about 6 years ago

Have you looked at the recent Weblog mini series on DIJN?.

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fire5ign - I have a PHP script that monitors the serial port for data from the Jeelink and then validates its from a known node and runs a command to store the data.

If your familiar with PHP your welcome to a copy. Currently its setup for my own packet structure but it would be easily adapted to what ever you currently use.

RE: JeeStalled, in second gear... need a boost - Added by fire5ign about 6 years ago

Yes, I successfully installed it on an RPi at the beginning of March, and was able to look at a light level test feed, but it had stopped working a few days later, even though I had set it up for unattended use. Yesterday, I re-loaded (nuked the housemon directory on the RPi and went from there per the instructions on DIJN), and I see that there have been quite a few developments, including graphing, but I no longer see any data on the Demo page, despite the fact that I’m able to view it on the RPi remotely using minicom. I’ve tried re-booting, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Housemon looks increasingly like it may be what I’m looking for, but I suppose I just need to be a bit more patient.