Github, and also: JeeLabs is a great but overwhelming eco-system for a newbe

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Hello JC, all,

as an enthusiastic new member of the JeeFamilee, please allow me to post the issues I’ve been having diving into this exiting new world. Maybe, togeteher we can come up with ideas to improve, or, let me know that I’m just whining ;)

It starts with:,, OK, I can figure that out.
Then: blog, café, WIKI, SVN eh, no, Github now.
Having read all the blogs last weeks, I’ve encountered various broken links to abandoned ‘cities’ in the eco-system.
Now I’ve found Github, extracted the ZIP, all fine. Then I read the blog post about TortoiseSVN, so I used it.
(small) Chaos again: a directory called “brach” and one called “trunk”. Having found out that “branch” is the Github way and “trunk” the SVN way it surprised me that “trunk” contained a newer revision number (including the colorplug class), however, it has an older date? Am I missing something?

I totally understand that evolution creates new species and lets other die, not vaporising them but creating fossiles and salt seas. Still, it doesn’t makes life easier.

Maybe we/JC can make a forum/WIKI/blog etc with a plan view, index, site map, TomTom etc. Just to guide the newby, maybe even mentioning the abandoned parts, just so that when somebody comes across those they know where it came from.

PS: the bold part about GitHub is where I’m struggling with now, can somebody pleae help me out?

Best regards and happy newyear,


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RE: Github, and also: JeeLabs is a great but overwhelming eco-system for a newbe - Added by tht over 7 years ago

Hi Jeroen and welcome to the exciting JeeWorld!

It’s always hard for people from the inside to know where the problems for beginners are. As you’ve already noticed there is much old stuff around which has changed by now.

For me it looks like the TortoiseSVN is one of these blog entries which went obsolete jcw switched to a git repository hosted on github. I recommend you to delete your Libraries/jeelib directory and use the client available on ( to check out Just click the button left of Download ZIP and make sure you get your version in your local Libraries/jeelib directory.

I don’t know if there is kind of a tutorial for people new to the JeeWorld but writing something like this could be a great start for you. The people in the forum are very helpful and I’m sure we’ll together solve all your open questions.