RF news: RFM69 talks to RFM12B

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For those of you with existing JeeNode networks that want to use the newer HopeRF RFM69W / RFM69HW, there is some news: the two RF modules have been demonstrated to talk directly to each other. Note that this is using two specific libraries from Tim Wilkinson, not the existing Jeelabs library. The encryption methods are not currently aligned so for now, this works only if you do not use encryption.,209.msg1081.html\#msg1081

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RE: RF news: RFM69 talks to RFM12B - Added by Bingo over 6 years ago

Thanx for the info John

Nice info and protocol stack on lowpowerlab.
I’m jumping ship to that one, and leave the JEE-World.


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I’m afraid that I might jump ship to. I have been a very pleased JEEuser and have a lot of JEEstuff, so it’s somehow sad to see this place fade away, but sadly that’s what’s happening. But then again @JC have a look at the lowpowerlab formfactor, what about a Jeenode in that form, since there is no shields for jeenodes (ok the CLCD board would not fit), the change in layout should not be that big a problem. The Jeenodes is a great product, and I have a number of these, but somehow the length of the Jeenode is sometimes a problem. A shorter, wider form would be handy. And a European supplier would be great, damn customs rules.


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Before this turns into a will-the-last-person-turn-off-the-lights discussion…

My dilemma is that I don’t want to be pressured into releasing new un-finished stuff yet.

RF12, RF69, inter-operability, JeeBoot, form factors … quite a few new things to go into. I’ll post some more news in a few days.
The least I owe people I guess, is to explain what I’ve been doing, so everyone can make their own informed decision.

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We also owe you a lot!

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I can understand your frustration at the lack of visible progress towards adding the newer families of RF modules, but I can assure you that the internal wheels have been spinning for some time. IMHO, key to adding to capabilities is preserving a compatibility path for existing modules in the field. Work is proceeding well, but is a way from a full release yet.

If you want a hint at the timetable, I’ve just wrapped up negotiations on a volume purchase agreement with Hope RF for RFM69CW’s.

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@JC. First of all I have to say I bought an Arduino thingy some years ago, hooked it up and looked at it and thought what can I do whit that. It went to a drawer. Then I found this place and all of a sudden it all made sense. So for me, I owe you big time. Now there where RTC’s, ADC’s, input’s and output’s. That was what I didn’t find in the Arduino environment. Guess it’s there now but haven’t cared to look.

@Martynj. Yes, frustration is a perfect description. The daily webblog shut down, all became quiet, no more words, no more hardware. Now all of a sudden it all looked dead. Having a statement from JC that said, no no, we are on the move, was the best news in a long time. And now you are hinting to, now that is good news.

So the hole thing boils down to the lack of information. But then again, I have been a technician for many years, don’t tell the sales guys about any new product, the will start selling it before it’s finished and yell at you about delivery times. :-)

To all at Jeelabs, a merry Xmas.

PS: having some of these new Jeelabs wonders under tree would not have been bad.

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Similar sentiments here. I like the jeenode connector modularity but a “fully-loaded” jeenode becomes rather unwieldy. I just got 2 moteinos with the HW radios and am looking forward to testing longer range stuff. The form factor of the moteino is awesome, I’ll have to see how the connector stuff pans out, it requires a different way of working. I love the OTAP (over-the-air programming) capability of the moteino. I’ve never owned an arduino: if it ain’t got a radio it ain’t for me ;-).
I’ve also just gotten into the BBB and now have three of them. On the one side they’re awesome and having linux is great, on the other hand they’re so difficult to use. I fought device tree for over a day to connect a jeenode to uart4 with programming capability and if there’s not a ready-made kernel driver for the I/O you need then brace yourself for some heavy-duty work (I wanted to use the counter input capability, which isn’t supported by the current PWM driver, for example). So a lot of the hardware I/O capability is still more theoretical than real.
Somewhere in the middle there must be some ideal “optimum”. I think a lot of us started to look away from jeenodes ’cause we read (at least I read) the last blog post as saying “I’m moving on to different things and will not be continuing the jeenode line of work”.

RE: RF news: RFM69 talks to RFM12B - Added by ozzy over 6 years ago

@tve. I do think that the “Jeeports” is the biggest thing after bacon. The way of connecting things to the Jeenode is so, simple just put it on a port and away you go. As for having Linux on board, I guess this is not the place. As I see it, this place is something like “Arduino made the clever way”. But that’s my opinion.

> I’m moving on to different things and will not be continuing the jeenode line of work.

Yes you are somewhat right in that statement, that was also the feeling I got, but if you look in this thread, you will see that, that’s really not what’s happening.

RE: RF news: RFM69 talks to RFM12B - Added by tve over 6 years ago

While I really like the BBB and there are many uses for a tiny linux box I totally agree that there’s a place for something that doesn’t run linux. I just wish it were more performant than an AVR. The AVR is great for many things and it’s so much better than the old PIC I’ve used, but as soon as communication is involved it gets real painful. Not having an even half way decent TCP/IP stack is one example. Not being able to buffer almost anything for retransmission or later transmission is another. Yup, all stuff that one can work around, but it seems we’re at a point where that is not necessary anymore. For example look at the micro-python kickstarter project. I don’t know where the cost of small volume production of something like this ends up coming out, but it looks like it might not be that much more than a jeenode. Now if only I could stand python… :-)