Resolved: JeeLabs components for sale

Added by FireSon over 6 years ago

Basically my Jeelabs dream is for sale :) Due too lack of time which turned out to be chronic I never was able to complete it…

Therefore the following items are for sale:
• Wireless kit with: Jeelabs usb adapter, Jeenode usb v3, Jeenode v4, LCD scherm
• Carrierboard v2 5x
• Battery holder 5x
• Roomboard v1 10x
• JeeNode v4 10x

I only experimented with the wireless starterkit, all other components are brand new.
All to gether the components are over 700 euro, but since they are 3 years old I would like to sell them for 350,-

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RE: [for sale] JeeLabs components - Added by JohnO over 6 years ago

I am sorry your JeeDream is being abandoned. Although I would be interested in a few items I’m afraid I couldn’t justify taking it all off your hands. If you decide to split things up I would be interested, an alternative would be EBay as very occasionally JeeParts come up for sale and appear to sell quite well.

Items of interest to me would be as follows: JeeNode USB v3, some RoomNode kits and maybe a JeeLink if you still have it.