ATX Power Supply

Added by ichilton about 6 years ago

Interesting post here about re-purposing an ATX power supply:

It mentions about current sensing and limiting.

Anyone know of any circuitry to achieve this?

Would it not be ok to just add some fast blow fuses on the outputs?



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RE: ATX Power Supply - Added by padvinder95 about 6 years ago

I suppose that is one way to go, or include a PTC fuse (see e.g.\_fuse).

If you want more control, you could use an OpAmp together with a shunt resistor to monitor current (voltage drop across the low-valued resistor) and turn off a MOSFET transistor if it gets too high. I would suggest searching the web for “current limiting circuit” to find various solutions: from simple transistor-based circuits to special current-limiting ICs.