ESP8266 WIFI wireless module

Added by jeroenb about 4 years ago

I recently bought some “ESP8266 WIFI wireless modules” as extension to my rfm12b network. With the esp8266 it is possible to connect a very low power wifi interface to a jeenode/arduino.
Is there someone using these modules ? Any results ?
The specs are great



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RE: ESP8266 WIFI wireless module - Added by tht almost 4 years ago

Hi Jeroenb

(Old thread, but maybe you’re still interested in an answer)

Sure it is possible to attach an ESP8266 to a JeeNode as it is possible with every Arduino. Combining RFM69 and ESP8266 should not be an issue as RFM69 uses the SPI interface and the ESP8266 uses an UART interface.

The ESP8266 is a microcontroller itself. It is programmable, even in the Arduino IDE ( and the ESP8266 does support SPI itself. So it is possible to directly attach an RFM69 module to an ESP8266 without using a JeeNode or Arduino. Right now Google does not show many search-results when looking for something like this but I’m sure it should be possible to do it. But there are differences between an ESP8266 and an Arduino board, even if you use the Arduino IDE to program them both. So it’s very likely a RFM69 library written for Arduino (ATmega uC) will NOT work without some changes on a ESP8266.

RE: ESP8266 WIFI wireless module - Added by woelfs over 3 years ago

I am still interested in building such a low cost rfm69 / wifi / mqtt gateway. Using the jeelabs rf69 driver, the tuan mqtt library, and a web server e.g. to configure the wifi and mqtt (not sure how to save mqtt settings persistently).

To me it looks like, besides a PCB, things just need to be glued together more or less …

What you think?


RE: ESP8266 WIFI wireless module - Added by martynj over 3 years ago


Certainly an interesting project to attempt. Don’t forget though you are mixing two sensitive RF modules in very close proximity - yes, the bands are different, but stray signals on TX on one may block the RX section on the other, even at 60dB down from the TX level. For experimenting, I’d keep the modules several inches apart with small value decoupling caps on Vcc the SPI bus will stretch that far if you use a ribbon cable.

RE: ESP8266 WIFI wireless module - Added by tochinet over 3 years ago

I have played a bit with ESP8266 myself, and indeed the bonus is an incredible low price, and the … price to pay is the incredible little documentation. And I thought EtherCard documentation was scarce !

There are also many many variations of ESP8266. The most common is the 2x4pin 8266-1 or –01, but there are many others, that could suit your needs better. Especially wrt type of antennas and size of board. I used both –05 (very small, 5 pin, uFL connector, so antenna on cable, far enough to solve martynj’s concern) and –01 with success. Most use cases are just using them as serial to WiFi converter, with the logic in the Arduino (or RPi). A bit stupid since it’s apparently more powerful, but hey you need to use what you know. I tried once to port a sketch to the uC using the Arduino IDE but that didn’t work.