RF69CW Low Voltage?

Added by zooto68 almost 4 years ago

Has anyone tried running the RF69CW without a 3.3v regulator on a battery to see how low the voltage gets before it stops working?

I’ve disabled the brownout detector on the Atmega328P and i’ve got the MCUand RF69CW running of a 3.3v lithium battery.

Transmitting every second for testing purposes. I’m curious how low the voltage will be before it stops transmitting.

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RE: RF69CW Low Voltage? - Added by tht almost 4 years ago

According to the datasheet (\_info/resource/Hope/RFM69CW-V1.1.pdf , Page 11) it will work down to 1.8V. About the same as the ATmega328P if it’s running at 4MHz or less. But I have never tested it myself.

Fully charged LiPo batteries (nominal 3.7V) are at about 4.2V. Make sure you don’t go above 3.6V, even if the battery is fully charged or you may damage the RFM69CW board. The ATmega328P should be fine up to about 5.5V.

Just make sure you don’t over-discharge your batteries. It could become dangerous.