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I happened to notice a new (december I think) chip that seems to be suitable for (Home) monitoring solutions.

The TI CC1310 (CC = ChipCon so designed in Norway I believe) has a Cortex-M3 as main CPU, an RF part with supposedly very good range (using a Cortex-M0 for processing) and a somewhat unspecified but semi-autonomous (GP)IO controller, all in the same chip.

32K-128K Flash, 16K-20K RAM (although somewhat split between chip parts) and 315-920Mhz RF versions.

Needs a capacitor, a crystal, a power supply circuit and an antenna circuit, the latter of optional complexity depending on range needs it seems.

Not horribly expensive (€8 for a midrange model i think) and advertised as "coin-cell powered sensor controller"-

Possible issues might be development with open source tools, likely GCC mostly but not for the sensor controller and the RF firmware probably is an opaque blob.

Comments from the experts please? :-)

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Interesting - thanks for posting this. I'll take a wait-and-see attitude for now. We're bound to see more and more integrated solutions. Exciting times!