Dr Chen Hanson Ting's MSP430 Forth Book

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Hi all,

The evergreen C.H. Ting has recently had his MSP430 Forth book published and now available from Amazon for Kindle/PC etc.

Zen and the Forth Language: EFORTH for the MSP430 from Texas Instruments

by Dr. Chen-Hanson Ting

It's an excellent introduction and technical guide to the inner workings of Forth.

Thanks also to Juergen Pintaske for bringing this book to the wider market - for less than the price of 568ml of beer.

Juergen has published a number of Forth related books - please find them here:

It's a good read if you seek enlightenment


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RE: Dr Chen Hanson Ting's MSP430 Forth Book - Added by jcw over 2 years ago

Thanks - great news, and good info. The Zen one is fun to read, but a more personal & opinionated style.
There are several Forth resources - some of them are pretty archaic and outdated, unfortunately, IMO.
FWIW, I just went through a few of the eBooks, and ended up liking this one as general introduction:

Programming Forth: Version July 2016 Kindle Edition
by Stephen Pelc (Author), Juergen Pintaske (Editor)