Simple use of ESP 8266

Added by Harry over 2 years ago


I just want that a sketch in my JeeNode send and receive data to/ from WiFi. Did somebody make such a simple use of ESP8266?

Please help me a bit by telling how to connect and initialize the ESP, concerning speed, SSID and path word. More is not necessary, I think.


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RE: Simple use of ESP 8266 - Added by Harry over 2 years ago

I found a solution, using #include <ESP8266wifi.h>. I have made some progress, but encounter a new problem:

The following statement defines a wifi: ESP8266wifi wifi(Serial, Serial, 10); The first Serial is the input stream to the device, the second one the output stream from the device.

I want to connect the device to a port, but I do not succeed in defining Serial in an accepted way.

Can somebody help me?


RE: Simple use of ESP 8266 - Added by Harry about 2 years ago

As I got no help, I tried to use SoftwareSerial with the library WiFiEsp.h

But I don't get it working; probably because my ESP8266 is configured on 115200 Baud (which I cannot check!) and SoftwareSerial does not work correctly on 115200.

So I tried to use a UART as interface to the ESP8266.

In the example sketch ConnectWPA.ino there are two statements to change:

`SoftwareSerial Serial1(6, 7); // RX, TX

I have deleted those two lines and added:

'PortI2C i2cBus2 (2);
UartPlug WiFly (i2cBus2, 0x49);

Now i still have to refer to the stream of the UartPlug in:

WifiInit (???????)

How should I complete the code?

It was suggested to use jeelabs/esp-link, but without a step by step guide how to connect the ESP8266 and how to use esp-link, this is far too complicated for me