Jee Node Zero and Sigfox

Added by adrianbro about 3 years ago

Hi Guys,

Hope all had a good new year.

I was looking at the Wisol Sigfox chip $2 in large qty less than $3 in qty 10 for Zone 1 and $3 + for other zones.

Apart from the nice low price, the modules have the Sigfox stack embedded, UART interface, with an AT command set e.g

AT$SF=01020304 // Send 01 02 03 04

A nice review of the chip is available at

So would be a very simple way to enable the Jeenode Zero with a low-cost carrier grade communications solution.


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RE: Jee Node Zero and Sigfox - Added by martynj about 3 years ago


Sigfox is an interesting option and the operating company seems to have raised the capital to meet the deployment objectives in some countries.
IMHO the maker community might be concerned about the closed nature of the system - peer to peer data exchange without usage fees seems a more attractive model that a subscription based service.