Reliablilty of flash storage

Added by Rolf almost 2 years ago

Inspirated by the newest blog, "SD-cards ...", I would like to ask and share experience about the reliability of such storage devices. For backup purpose on PC and laptop I used to have a Micro-USB-stick, 4 GB capacity. And carrying it around while travelling in my portemonnaie, together with the coins. After a couple of months it happened repeatedly that one or more more files were corrupted. A checking software did not show permanent hardware failure, after reformatting the stick was OK again. On the other hand I use such USB-sticks as storage for my home-monitoring-server for years without problems. I guess that the problem is due to static voltages somewhere on the trip, and switched to 2.5 inch hard disk for backup. But this is just an assumption. Does anyone have similar experience with USB-sticks or SD-cards?

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RE: Reliablilty of flash storage - Added by JohnO almost 2 years ago

I have had many issues with SDcards, specifically with mobile phones, RasPi and the like. My current rules are not to delete files and just allow the card to fill up before replacing it. I have had most success with Samsung Pro cards but they are expensive and hard to find. I have a couple of STM boards with SDcard slots but no plans for them.

RE: Reliablilty of flash storage - Added by jcw almost 2 years ago

Maybe the trick is to use large USB sticks and SD cards... I've had maybe 2 or 3 failures on the past ten years, but I do tend to over-dimension my cards (i.e. not fill them to the brim), and the Odroid servers here use eMMC, which may have different properties... not sure.

For embedded µC use, I'm not so worried - only writes should affect lifetimes, and there's not that much of that going on here (since RF nodes can send their data elsewhere, there's no need to do data-logging onto local storage).