esp-link and 1500000bps serial line

Added by kloczek over 1 year ago


I'm trying to use esp module to build rk3399 firefly serial console over wifi.
Problem is that by default SC on this SBC has 1500000 (~1.5 Mb/s) speed.

Q1: is it possible to communicate with such speed using esp8266-01 (simplest) module?
(any hardware limitations?)
if yes ..
Q2: to allow communication with such speed do I need just add in esp-link source code in menu entry such speed or it will require more work?
(I'm still completing dev env to be able recompile esp-link to be able do any experiments so I'm not able to test this quickly)


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RE: esp-link and 1500000bps serial line - Added by tve over 1 year ago

You can set arbitrary speeds using curl, but I'm not convinced that 1.5Mbps will be successful, the buffers in esp-link are too short.