Mecrisp with RF console?

Added by Rolf over 1 year ago

some time ago in the weblog (Turning JET into a live system, and preceeding articles) a RF-console for Mecrisp was announced. Does it already exist? My research was not successful.
Greetings, Rolf

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RE: Mecrisp with RF console? - Added by jcw over 1 year ago

I haven't gotten around to finishing that code yet. I started on it, using the RF73 driver to avoid having to implement retries/retransmissions as that's already hardware supported, but got bogged down by how to set up the console redirection so things will work automatically on power-up. And then, as so often, I got side-tracked - I do intend to go back to this and give it another try though - it's still an important part of the bigger (JET) picture for me.