[isp_repair2.2] Configuration: D (crystal) 2011-12-26 RF12demo.cpp.hex

Added by Procyan almost 6 years ago

I have been trying to use an AVRMK II to burn via ISP to a jeenode V6. I followed the instructions from tooljunkie:

and used fuse settings:


and lock reg 0x0F

Everything seemed to go ok and so I opened the Arduinio IDE and looked at the serial monitor…and got this:

Configuration: D (crystal)

2011-12-26 RF12demo.cpp.hex 11706b @ 0x0000
2011-11-29 optiboot_atmega328.hex 512b @ 0x7E00

Program Enable FAILED

I interpret this to mean the burn was successful but something is stopping the blink or other aspect of the sketch from running. I tried to burn the blink .ino via USB but no luck. Please help if you can.

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RE: [isp_repair2.2] Configuration: D (crystal) 2011-12-26 RF12demo.cpp.hex - Added by ltj almost 6 years ago

The sketch simply tries to burn a bootloader and a sketch to a second JeeNode (well any atmega328p) via ISP. if none is connected or connected wrong you’ll get the message “Program Enable FAILED”. If you keep the serial monitor open and attach it to another node as described here you’ll see it output something else hopefully :)