(Resolved) - Jeenode (433mhz v6) Heating Up

Added by bwww almost 7 years ago

Hi, I am a newbie. I bought two Jeenodes and am having problems with the one. The RF module and the transistor are getting very hot. Is this normal?

Attached are photos of my Jeenode. I can’t see any shorts.

I have not managed to get my two to communicate, but I don’t know if this relates to the one heating up, or if this is because I have not written the code correctly.


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Jeenode (433mhz v6) Heating Up - Added by martynj almost 7 years ago

bwww,  nice soldering, but unfortunately the RFM12B module is rotated 180º
It will probably not recover, but the regulator chip has short circuit protection built in, so that should be ok.

RE: Jeenode (433mhz v6) Heating Up - Added by jcw almost 7 years ago

Looks like you have the radio on the wrong way around. It’s going to be very hard to fix this. Get solder wick to remove all the solder, and very very gently try to lift the radio module off without pulling on the copper traces on the top of the board (they are very thin and get damaged very easily).

RE: Jeenode (433mhz v6) Heating Up - Added by bwww almost 7 years ago

HAHA, oh no. I feel like such an idiot.

I am struggling to get it off the board. I am worried I have already done damage. I have ordered another kit.

Thanks for the help everyone.

RE: Jeenode (433mhz v6) Heating Up - Added by plutonomore almost 7 years ago

Maybe of some interest, recently cobbled a little project together which addressed the problem of having to remove/desolder the RFM12B module with the use of the following :\#images-modal. Also the silkscreen on the pcb should be an aid in preventing assembly of the module with an 180 degrees rotation.