No more access to old scripts ?

Added by werner about 6 years ago


HappY new year, by the way ;-)

I’ve built a OOK plug (using a 433Mhz receiver and a 433Mhz transmitter), and expected to use the reference code to control it. Unfortunately, the code listed at is not available anymore (even is a dead end… : le files are listed, but not available )

Any chance/way to access old source codes?

Even a downloadable ZIP archive with all files would do the job, to bad all this nice source codes are being lost …

Thanks in advance,

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RE: No more access to old scripts ? - Added by tht about 6 years ago

Did you see the ookrelay2 example sketch? Maybe this one helps you:

If you’re looking for a way to switch these cheap power switches, try this code here: . I was very successful with this library and it worked out of the box with the OOK plug.

RE: No more access to old scripts ? - Added by werner about 6 years ago

Sorry for the late reply (sounds like I have time for fun only during Xmas and mid of summer :-( ), and thanks for your 2 suggestions.

I had a look at ookRelay2, but no time to try it (just review the code… and see thats it’s able to do far more than juste playing with the OOK plug)

I should also have a look at the rc-switch code you suggest.

In fact, I intend to do 2 differents things:
# a repeater for
#* Oregon Scientific sensor that are outside on the first floor, and not received by the base station on the second floor
#* A “cheap power switch” remote (same issue)
# a power switch central control unit, that could drive (command) several “cheap power switches” for various usages:
#* power on a water pump in the summer during X minutes at specific time
#* animate Xmas lights
#* simulate someone being there
#* control room temperature
#* …

All of this could be in one single Jeenode, with a “display plug” (to show temperature sensors values) and an IR receiver for interaction