Carrier Board issues

Added by ciscomonkey over 6 years ago

Just got my carrier board, and started having some strange issues right away. Using an LCD pack, and the lcd_demo sketch, plugging directly into the JeeNode works great, but as soon as I add in the Carrier Board, I’m just getting all blocks for the top line and no backlight at all. I’ve verified with the multimeter that I’m seeing the voltages and such, and that I have connectivity. Anyone have any ideas on what to check here? I’ve checked and rechecked all of my soldering at this point. Considering purchasing another board just to make sure that I didn’t screw anything up here.

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RE: Carrier Board issues - Added by martynj over 6 years ago

Orientation? The port numbering passed through depends which way around the JeeNode is plugged in.

RE: Carrier Board issues - Added by ciscomonkey over 6 years ago

Ok. So I had a response all set to go and thought that I should do my due diligence and check one more time before sending and stumbled on the fact that the diagram is wrong on that page.

Those should be swapped.

Shows that with the radio to the left with the FTDI headers to the top, that port 3 and port 2 should be the groups when it’s in fact 1 and 4.