TCP IP Client help required.

Added by CdRsKuLL over 6 years ago

Hi peeps,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following project.

I’ve been tasked to make a time and attendance clocking system and this is really the last piece I need in the project.

So far.. I’m using a Arduino Uno / RF Reader / LCD Sheild / ENC Network card with the ethercard library. The idea is, a person scans there RF tag, the arduino connects to a server passing the rf’s serial number. The server then goes to a accdb database, retrieves the persons name and there last status (IN/OUT). It then records the present time and sends the persons name / status back to the arduino.

So far I’ve found and adapted some to do the database polling and it works great with the supplied client for testing. The last bit I need to write is the tcpip client.

From what I understand and have read this should be possible from the ethercard library. So, this is what I was thinking regarding the arduino code;

When you connect it to the network it’s assigned an IP via DCHP (I’m ok with this, working fine)
It opens a connection to the tcpip server (I think I need to set something to true to keep this connection open?)
It then sends a command like “name:23423” which would be name = name request / 23423 = rf serial.
The server responses and the arduino then displays this on it’s LCD display.

The bit I’m unsure of is the open link / send / receive bit. Also, if the connection is broken it would need to re-make it.

Sorry if all this sounds a bit vague but I’ve not approached this networking side before, been more the com port communication I’ve done.

Has anyone done a tcp client before that I could look at it please?

Many thanks,

Great forum, even though I only understand about 2% of it all.. lol :-)