Control JeeNode via Jeelink by PHP

Added by aledons over 5 years ago

I am needing to read some data from a MySQL database from a PHP file and then transmit that data to a JeeNode thru a JeeLink connected to the client computer browsing the PHP from the server.

By steps:
1) Read the MySQL database. (ease, of course I can do this ;-)
2) Bridge to the JeeLink. (uppps..)
3) Based on the targeted NodeID transfer the data to the JeeNode.

That’s it.

Note: I have seen some bridges built with C, I just don’t care if C is used and need to be running. But this should be transparent for the PHP. The PHP should use a kind of web service or API to let the PHP developers to use it easily.

If somebody can tell me where to start with it I will appreciate it a LOT!
Most of the examples are the other way from the JeeNode to the JeeLink. I need exactly the oposite and also bring that info from the mysql database.
Thanks again.

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RE: Control JeeNode via Jeelink by PHP - Added by jeroenb over 5 years ago

Hi, I use a php routine called php_serial.class to connect to a Jeelink. From a PHP script it is then possible to send/receive data to/from a Jeelink.
(Example php to write \$serial->sendMessage(“1i”); and to read \$jee = \$serial->readPort();

regards jeroenb