EtherCard ENC28j60 persist_tcp_connection

Added by beckmx over 6 years ago

Hello guys, I have been using the EtherCard library with the persist_tcp_connection flag on and it actually works, it keeps opened the requests I make, and if I send info from the server back to the microcontroller it can receive the information and it acts like a TCP Socket which is great!, however whenever I want to send more data from the arduino to the server, the library opens a new connection, is there anyway I could re-use one existing connection?

I am doing this

//this opens a new TCP Socket connection
Stash::prepare(PSTR ("Hello"));

//but if I do this again, it creates another TCP connection, I believe tcpSend() is creating another connection and I would like to reuse the previous one
Stash::prepare(PSTR ("How are you?"));