Resolved: Lux and Pressure Plug do not fit

Added by rene_hof about 6 years ago

Hi there,
I have a problem with my JeeNode USB. I’ve ordered it together with a LuxPlug and a PressurePlug, but both modules do not fit exactly on the JeeNode. It seems like they are one row wider on a standard breadboard (about 0,1 inch or 2 mm, see pictures). I thought that they should fit smoothly, when put together.
Did I get a wrong version, is it a manufacturing problem, or is it by design?
Any advice is welcome.

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RE: Lux and Pressure Plug do not fit - Added by martynj about 6 years ago


There are a few addon boards that are mounted like that, bridging across from side to side, but most plugs are single port plug ins.
The reason for connector pads both sides of the PCB is to install one male header and one female header for daisy chaining along to another board, not for jumping across to an independent port header.
Perhaps these pictures makes it clearer.

Pressure Plug Header

The bridging made by mistake would have connected 3.3V to GND - this probably shutdown the FTDI chip built in regulator quickly enough to prevent other bad paths doing any damage. If it powers back up again successfully, just watch out that some ATMega DIO pins might no longer work.